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People with on the Autism Spectrum are often labeled as "quirky, eccentric," or even "weird." Some symtpoms include having trouble picking up on social cues, taking things very literally, and having difficulty adjusting to change. Many individuals also experience aversions to textures, tastes, loud noises, or other stimuli. Eye contact is difficult for many and they can develop self-esteem problems because they feel "different."


However, some of these “symptoms” can actually be strengths. Their great attention to even small details and their desire to gather loads of information about a single subject can, with help, be molded to serve them well. Dr. Paul understands the complexities of this spectrum and can help families obtain the necessary accommodations in your child’s environment (home and school) and also help your child utilize his or her strengths and learn necessary social skills. 


He also works with adults who have these traits. Since Asperger's Syndrome has only been recognized since the 1990s, many adults have gone unidentified, but struggle with feeling that they don't fit in with "regular" society. Dr. Paul can help you maximize the strengths that accompany Asperger's traits and develop accommodations for when the traits become weaknesses. 


This journey can be challenging, yet rewarding. Call 319-277-1020 to schedule a thorough assessment and develop a treatment plan.

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